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  • A Magical Journey
  • Naki Kaddu

A Magical Journey

A Magical Journey

Now summer is finally here and the sun has stayed out for more than a few days, there is no better time than the present to add a set of earrings to your collection that embodies the spirit of the season. Summer is a perfect time to experiment with colours, styles and textures and the Astral Earrings by luxury Jewellery brand Nakibirango, plays with all of these elements perfectly.

The Astral Earrings are made with Titanium Aura Quartz (Rainbow quartz) which is producedby fusing titanium crystals with heat which gives them their amazing rainbow colouring. Forming part of the Bijouterie Collection, our inspiration is taken from ancient Egypt, Bali and Greece.

When you put on these earrings, you will be transported back to a time where jewellery was opulent, decadent and all-encompassing and stones where known to have mystical and magical powers.

It was believed that Titanium Aura Quartz , also known as the "Stone of Astral Journeys” had the ability to help the soul leave the body and travel in a dreamlike state, and although the Astral Earrings will not literally give you an out of body experience they will allow you to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and reinvention as you showcase your courage and cutting edge style with these striking pieces.

Recently featured in Tatler's 'Hot Rocks', July issue, the Astral Earrings, are available in raw quartz and rainbow quartz, coupled with silver or gold.

Not only do Nakibirango Astral Earrings make a big bold statement about who you are as a women, but they are classy and elegant yet not understated, it’s this cleaver mix that will tell the world that you are full of confidence, have jaw dropping styles and know what works for you.

The uniqueness of the earrings lie in the complexity of the stone, the rainbow aura quartz shimmers beautifully, reflecting the range of deep colours that run through it, whilst the natural quartz are exquisite and have striking flecks of colour dotted throughout.

Like much of Nakibirango collection they are versatile and can successfully transit from day to night with extreme ease, adding a new dimension to each of your looks.

So why not treat yourself to a pair of Astral Earrings this summer? Not only will they turn heads, create envy and have you looking stunning, they also fuse ancient opulence with cutting edge flair and power which will take you on a journey like no other.

  • Naki Kaddu