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  • Our London Fashion Week Jewel Selection
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Our London Fashion Week Jewel Selection

Our London Fashion Week Jewel Selection

This year, we are combining the best from our pillars of inspiration with an air of optimism for the future.

Our London Fashion Week jewel selection reflects our optimism for 2018, as well as our enduring devotion in creating timeless style and affordable luxury for you.

Step Ring

Featured in Vogue and Glamour, the Step Ring is inspired by tales of heroes and heroines that go on an adventure and overcome adversity, returning home victorious or just changed.

The Step’s elegant lines and timeless design instantly invoke images of transformation and ascension towards a better and a new, tomorrow.

Ananda Earrings

Featuring a strong triangular motif, the Ananda Earrings symbolize the element of water, motherhood and the feminine.

The Ananda exemplify the qualities celebrated in our Goddess collection. They are customisable with amethyst, blue topaz or emerald Swarovski crystals

Elephas Bracelet

With an instantly recognisable depiction and a powerfully elegant design, the Elephas Bracelets pay homage to both African and Asian elephants.

Celebrating one of the most iconic mammals, the Elephas is both light and elegant, adorning your wrist with an enduring symbol that has fascinated artists and philosophers for millennia.

In choosing from so many unique and inspiring jewellery pieces for London Fashion Week, we opted for a selection that showcased the full width of Nakibirango – London’s collection.

Between them, Step, Ananda and Elephas exemplify our inspiration and encapsulate the journey that evolved and shaped Nakibirango – London

To enquire about a customization or bespoke jewellery please send an email to enquiries@nakibirango.com  or call our design team on 0790 059 4889

  • Post author
    Nakibirango London