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Pearl of Africa

Pearl of Africa

For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa” ~ Winston Churchill

Nakibirango – London went home to shoot our new Six of Six collection for the new autumn winter season. We teamed up with Papa and his team of beautiful models to capture the essence of our brand and the beauty of Uganda.

This collection takes inspiration from the polygon with its six edges and six vertices. Found throughout nature and is considered a symbol of harmony and balance. You will even find the hexagon at the core of mankind, it can be found in the structure of our DNA. 

Ancient sages incorporated the hexagon in their spiritual geometry and of course our beloved Bee uses the hexagon for their hives. 

The collection offers 4 Cuff designs, stackable rings and fancy hoop earrings. With our cuffs we have introduced four muses we believe align to each cuff design. Which one are you! 

Beatrice is for our sassy, witty and enlivened woman. She is full of song, connected and enchanting

Kiri is for our spiritual woman, the wanderer and wild woman. With her open heart and wise soul

Leona is for our Lioness, the quiet but fearless woman; the mother, the sister, the friend, strong and loyal; she is the sun, the goddess the warrior

Hex is for our woman who celebrates her independence, strength and feminine beauty. Say it loud and say it proud!

We will also be launching a Heroes cuff for our kings. This autumn is all about change and reinvention, so why not shake up your style and Jewellery box with an exquisite, luxury, designer piece from Nakibirango-London.

  • Naki Kaddu