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Sophia Cuff

Sophia Cuff

Inspired by the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, the Sophia Cuff by Nakibirango - London is an elegant and tasteful piece of luxury designer jewellery for the modern woman.

In Greek mythology, wisdom is feminine, and the Sophia Cuff celebrates this with a sleek design; where concentric circles and eclipses come together and around your wrist, creating an image of harmony, unity and thoughtfulness. The sparkle of silver and the broad lines gives the Sophia Cuff focus without weighing down your wrist.

The Sophia Cuff, in all its elegant sophistication and celebration of femininity, makes for a perfect Christmas gift.

In a season where we look inward and focus our love outwards, the love of wisdom guides us to make the right decisions.

If you wish to show your appreciation for critical thinking, higher aesthetics and the pursuit of wisdom, then the Sophia Cuff is the perfect gift for your loved one.

The Sophia Cuff is available exclusively by order.

To place an order or make an enquiry please click HERE or email enquiries@nakibirango.com

  • Naki Kaddu