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  • Three reasons to make it bespoke jewellery
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Three reasons to make it bespoke jewellery

Three reasons to make it bespoke jewellery

A personalised ring made with your ideal gemstone, a carefully constructed handmade pendant, or a tailor-made bracelet. Nothing declares uniqueness and glamour as much as bespoke jewellery.

The word bespoke comes from the verb to bespeak, meaning to "speak for something" and at Nakibirango - London, we believe it is important that your style not only speaks for you, but shouts about your individuality.

So, whether you want to customise a piece from our existing collection or have a piece exclusively made for you,  having a personalised addition to your Jewellery collection means that you will always have a one off creation that reflects the true nature of your style and personality.

Now, if that is not a good enough excuse to get in touch to find out more about our bespoke jewellery service, then here are three reasons why everyone should have at least one bespoke piece in their collection.


Every now and then, it is perfectly acceptable to totally indulge yourself and what better way to do so then with luxury Jewellery. You have the indulgence of focusing on your absolute desires without compromise. It's all about you.


Bespoke Jewellery can also be the perfect gift for that special person in your life. If you are struggling for ideas, nothing says I love you, appreciate you and understand you more than a customised gift. Bespoke means you can inject personality into a piece of jewellery by adding a favourite gemstone to capture a sentimental moment.   

The bespoke jewellery service by Nakibirango gives you the opportunity to create a piece with a huge amount of sentimental value, meaning that you are able to truly mark a special occasion or give a wonderful gift.

Because you just deserve it!

Everyone needs to feel special every now and again, and turning heads is a great way to achieve that. Jewellery is about making memories and bespoke is about speaking for something and making a statement. So contact the team at Nakibirango-London today.

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    Nakibirango London