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Pearl of Africa

Pearl of Africa

For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa” ~ Winston Churchill

Nakibirango – London went home to shoot our new Six of Six collection for the new autumn winter season. We teamed up with Papa and his team of beautiful models to capture the essence of our brand and the beauty of Uganda.

This collection takes inspiration from the polygon with its six edges and six vertices. Found throughout nature and is considered a symbol of harmony and balance. You will even find the hexagon at the core of mankind, it can be found in the structure of our DNA. 

Ancient sages incorporated the hexagon in their spiritual geometry and of course our beloved Bee uses the hexagon for their hives. 

The collection offers 4 Cuff designs, stackable rings and fancy hoop earrings. With our cuffs we have introduced four muses we believe align to each cuff design. Which one are you! 

Beatrice is for our sassy, witty and enlivened woman. She is full of song, connected and enchanting

Kiri is for our spiritual woman, the wanderer and wild woman. With her open heart and wise soul

Leona is for our Lioness, the quiet but fearless woman; the mother, the sister, the friend, strong and loyal; she is the sun, the goddess the warrior

Hex is for our woman who celebrates her independence, strength and feminine beauty. Say it loud and say it proud!

We will also be launching a Heroes cuff for our kings. This autumn is all about change and reinvention, so why not shake up your style and Jewellery box with an exquisite, luxury, designer piece from Nakibirango-London.

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Astral Journeys

Astral Journeys

It was believed that Titanium Aura Quartz, also known as the "Stone of Astral Journeys” had the ability to help the soul leave the body and travel in a dreamlike state, and although the Aura necklace will not literally give you an out of body experience it will allow you to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and reinvention as you showcase your courage and cutting edge style with these striking pieces.

Titanium Rainbow Aura is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing titanium crystals with heat and vacuum to quartz to give it its gorgeous rainbow colouring. Rainbow Aura is sometimes said to be the "Stone of Astral Journeys.

Summers in St Tropez, evenings in Rome or yachting on the Aegean, where would you wear yours? Pair with our Astral earrings also featured in Tatler's 'Hot Rocks', and available in raw quartz and rainbow quartz, coupled with silver or gold a must for summer 2018.

Not only does the Nakibirango Aura necklace make a big statement about who you are as a women, but it is classy and elegant yet not understated, it’s this cleaver mix that will tell the world that you are full of confidence, have jaw dropping style and know what works for you.

The uniqueness of the necklace lies in the complexity of the stone, the Rainbow Aura quartz shimmers beautifully, reflecting the range of deep colours that run through it.

Like much of Nakibirango collection it is versatile and can effortlessly transition from day to night with extreme ease, adding a new dimension to each of your looks.

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Dragon Wing cuff-links

Dragon Wing cuff-links

Elegantly powerful and undeniably stylish, the Dragon Wings represent the newest addition to Nakibirango-London’s eclectic collections.

Available exclusively through pre-order, this sophisticated piece exemplifies the enduring majesty of the mythical dragon in its countless renditions through the ages.

Drawing heavily from enduring myths and legends, the Dragon Wings celebrate the European dragon archetype, which was born out of some of the most beloved folk traditions that hail back to Balkan and Western Asian mythologies.

If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.

- Llona Andrews, Fate's Edge

Inspired by the legendary fire-breathing serpent, the Dragon Wings cuff-links make a bold statement of timeless vim and vigor. The design is complex yet elegant, creating a visual impact reminiscent of the legendary dragon that has captivated the collective imagination of mankind for millennia.

The Dragon Wings Cufflinks are carefully crafted from sterling silver and can also be pre-orderd and quoted in White Gold or Platinum.

Each wing boasts a precious stone at its center that draws in the eye and gives the piece its undeniable charm. The precious stone can be customized with a gem of choice; such as Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire or Blue Topaz.

Whether you are looking for a uniquely charming pair of cufflinks to enhance your look, or seek the ideal gift for a dynamic yet sophisticated man in your life, the Dragon Wings will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

To place an order or find out about a customisation please email enquiries@nakibirango.com

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Our London Fashion Week Jewel Selection

Our London Fashion Week Jewel Selection

This year, we are combining the best from our pillars of inspiration with an air of optimism for the future.

Our London Fashion Week jewel selection reflects our optimism for 2018, as well as our enduring devotion in creating timeless style and affordable luxury for you.

Step Ring

Featured in Vogue and Glamour, the Step Ring is inspired by tales of heroes and heroines that go on an adventure and overcome adversity, returning home victorious or just changed.

The Step’s elegant lines and timeless design instantly invoke images of transformation and ascension towards a better and a new, tomorrow.

Ananda Earrings

Featuring a strong triangular motif, the Ananda Earrings symbolize the element of water, motherhood and the feminine.

The Ananda exemplify the qualities celebrated in our Goddess collection. They are customisable with amethyst, blue topaz or emerald Swarovski crystals

Elephas Bracelet

With an instantly recognisable depiction and a powerfully elegant design, the Elephas Bracelets pay homage to both African and Asian elephants.

Celebrating one of the most iconic mammals, the Elephas is both light and elegant, adorning your wrist with an enduring symbol that has fascinated artists and philosophers for millennia.

In choosing from so many unique and inspiring jewellery pieces for London Fashion Week, we opted for a selection that showcased the full width of Nakibirango – London’s collection.

Between them, Step, Ananda and Elephas exemplify our inspiration and encapsulate the journey that evolved and shaped Nakibirango – London

To enquire about a customization or bespoke jewellery please send an email to enquiries@nakibirango.com  or call our design team on 0790 059 4889

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The Wisdom of Style

The Wisdom of Style

Pairing Up the Sophia Cuff and the Sophia Necklace

 Inspired by the Greek Goddess of wisdom, the Sophia Cuff and Sophia Necklace make the perfect combination of elegant harmony.

The unique design of the Sophia Necklace draws inspiration from a beautiful marble staircase that caught the artistic eye of our creative director Naki Kaddu.

The sequence of curves and the solitary circle that binds the necklace allude to confident steps leading towards greater heights.

The Sophia Cuff embraces the same curved philosophy, but with concentric circles and ellipses that gracefully embrace your wrist. It’s modern in its style, yet timeless in its design, utilizing the same fundamental geometric properties that can be found ubiquitously among ancient Greek ruins.

In Greek mythology, wisdom is the feminine goddess Sophia, and both pieces celebrate this with an elegant design that evokes feelings of unity and harmony. Pairing up the Sophia Cuff and the Sophia Necklace will not only combine their design elements, but also convey a sense of completeness that will complement your stylistic plans.

The gentle curves of the necklace compliment the concentricity of the cuff, creating a balanced and tasteful combination that uplifts your style. Both pieces are available in sterling silver or 18k gold plated silver.

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Daphne; a Gift for the One You Love

Daphne; a Gift for the One You Love

Inspired by Roman Poet Ovid’s magnum opus, Metamorphoses, the Daphne Earrings celebrate the transformational power of love. 

The triple drop crescent design brings an undeniable touch of elegance to each earring, and its symmetry alludes to classical standards of beauty.

In ancient Greek mythology, Daphne is the daughter of the river-god Pineios, a female nymph associated with fountains, springs and other bodies of fresh water. Daphne is also the protagonist in one of the most stunning marble sculptures ever made, Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne. Her name literally means “Laurel”, as the goddess gave her name to the tree after taking its form at the end of her tale of transformation.

Drawing forth the powerful imagery of Daphne’s story, the earrings are the perfect gift for your loved one. They signify belonging and exclusion, inviting the one you love to explore and redefine the boundaries of love and identity.

The Daphne Earrings are available in sterling silver and 18ct gold plated silver. Their unique design and unmistakable quality earned the pair a feature in Vogue, alongside several other affordably luxurious jewellery pieces.

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Sophia Cuff

Sophia Cuff

Inspired by the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, the Sophia Cuff by Nakibirango - London is an elegant and tasteful piece of luxury designer jewellery for the modern woman.

In Greek mythology, wisdom is feminine, and the Sophia Cuff celebrates this with a sleek design; where concentric circles and eclipses come together and around your wrist, creating an image of harmony, unity and thoughtfulness. The sparkle of silver and the broad lines gives the Sophia Cuff focus without weighing down your wrist.

The Sophia Cuff, in all its elegant sophistication and celebration of femininity, makes for a perfect Christmas gift.

In a season where we look inward and focus our love outwards, the love of wisdom guides us to make the right decisions.

If you wish to show your appreciation for critical thinking, higher aesthetics and the pursuit of wisdom, then the Sophia Cuff is the perfect gift for your loved one.

The Sophia Cuff is available exclusively by order.

To place an order or make an enquiry please click HERE or email enquiries@nakibirango.com

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Africa Gold & Jade Earrings

Africa Gold & Jade Earrings

Elegant, stylish, and sporting the images of Africa, The Nakibirango Africa Gold & Jade Earrings are an exquisite pair of earrings that brings together a unique mix of heritage through masterful craftsmanship.

The Africa Gold & Jade celebrates Africa in all its regal beauty and mystery.

In this pair of earrings, the shape of the Continent is cast in gold or sterling silver to convey archetypical feelings of belonging.

The semi-precious stone under each earring draws in the eye and makes a bold statement without begging for attention, while gently maintaining the focal point on your face.

The bespoke design of Africa’s timeless image is either made solid or as an outline in the earrings allowing them to be matched effortlessly with any outfit that marries sophisticated appropriateness with timeless glamour.

With luxury jewellery that never goes out of style, such as these gold and jade earrings, your wardrobe is enriched with a permanent boon that will keep finding its way into your most successful wardrobe choices.

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The Constellation

The Constellation

Sleek and captivating, the Constellation necklace sits confidently within the Heritage Collection by Nakibirango-London

Customised and made to order, each Constellation Necklace is a unique statement of elegance and sophistication.

Crafted with polished Black Onyx beads, Lapis, Fire agate, or any other stone of choice, the Constellation has weight without pomp and offers style with a timeless touch.

The Constellation’s unisex design brings together carefully polished stones with the optional image of the Africa pendant in gold.

Whether one seeks to make a statement of bold style, or just looking for designer jewellery that speaks of class then the Constellation Necklace is an ideal choice. 

The Constellation is a customisable necklace you can truly make your own, allowing you to pick the type of stone and choose the combination of elements that suits you best.

For a Bespoke Jewellery service contact Nakibirango HERE

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Introducing The Chrysalis Necklace

Introducing The Chrysalis Necklace

Captivating and thought-provoking, the Chrysalis Necklace by Nakibirango-London is an exclusive new design and latest addition in the Nakibirango Metamorphosis Collection.

Modelled as one half of an original cocoon, the Chrysalis Necklace allows you to see the mystical cavity in which the earthly caterpillar transcends into a beautiful and fully matured butterfly.

Signifying the butterfly’s passage to adulthood, this charming piece of designer jewellery conveys youthfulness and natural beauty, attracting without demanding attention and adding without overburdening your style.

The Chrysalis Necklace is available in Rose gold, Sterling Silver and 18kt gold plated silver. It is worn long on a 27" inch chain for an elegant yet powerful statement.

The thoughtful inspirations of our handmade jewellery continue to express modern craftsmanship and elegant design.

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