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New season, New you: A Reawakening through Change

New season, New you: A Reawakening through Change

There is something about the arrival of spring and summer that drums up the need for change. The longer evenings seem to work as a type of spiritual aphrodisiac that prods at the epicentre of your conscious and gets you thinking about brightening up your wardrobe. It’s a time to replace the black, dark greys and navy’s of winter with the vibrant colours and lighter materials of the new season.  However, change does not need to stop there; spring and summer offer you the perfect opportunity to revamp your jewellery collection with a signature inspirational piece that will transform you.

The Cocoon necklace is the new addition to the Metamorphosis collection by Nakibirango. It is a luxury must have item that signifies transition and brings forth an almost autobiographical element. The Cocoon necklace shouts individuality, freedom and change. Based on the story of The Emperor Moth, who has to squeeze through the neck of the Cocoon before it can embark on a new life, the necklace is an exploration of identity and belonging. In the same way that metamorphosis is part of a moth’s magic, the magic of this necklace is its ability to tell a story and make a bold statement.

Before a moth can spread its wings, it goes through a long process and each stage has been worked into this piece. The early stage is symbolic of the birth of an idea, as it starts to grow it is creating the foundation, the chrysalis stage is representative of the manifestation, and the final stage, the growing of wings, is the show stopper, denoting freedom of flight and the opportunity to  explore uncharted territory.

The Metamorphosis collection which also includes The Storm necklace and The Step ring are your chance to get your wings and explore unmapped fashion territory. Make a statement and turn heads with these stunning pieces. Transformation requires growth, and The Cocoon necklace embodies it all.  A beautiful pendant that brings change to life and makes your look complete. Worn long on a 28” chain this signature piece can convert any outfit and catapult you in style into the new season

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