An adornment made of precious metals and set with gems brings us The Bijouterie collection. In ancient parts of the world, bijouterie was considered a form of art.

This collection takes influence from time spent exploring Egypt, Bali and Greece where bijou opulence is ever so present; from Gold and Aquamarine in Greece to Silver and Carnelian in Bali.


Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology; Gods & Goddesses brings forth the Heroines and Heroes discovered throughout time during travels and literature from around the world, and many summers in Greece.


The theme is Africa, a collection that draws inspiration from the unique mix of heritage and ancestral representation of the designers background. 

The evolution of the work takes influence from Batik Art; an art medium usually created on cloth and widely used and worn in Africa.

A wise person will always find a way. ~Tanzanian Proverb


An exploration of identity, of belonging and exclusion; a time of transition and transformation brings forth an almost autobiographical element in this introductory collection in a new signature series for Nakibirango – London.

The Cocoon, Storm and The Step are the featured Heroine and Heroes of the Metamorphosis collection.

Introducing our new collection Six of Six, which celebrates the Hexagon.

This collection takes inspiration from the polygon with its six edges and six vertices. Found throughout nature and is considered a symbol of harmony and balance. You will even find the hexagon at the core of mankind, it can be found in the structure of our DNA. 

Ancient sages incorporated the hexagon in their spiritual geometry and of course our beloved Bee use the hexagon for their hives. 

The collection offers 4 Cuff designs, stackable rings and fancy hoop earrings. With our cuffs we have introduced for muses we believe align to each cuff design. Which one are you!