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  • Brooches are making a comeback this season...
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Brooches are making a comeback this season...

Brooches are making a comeback this season...

And these aren't your grandmother's pins.

For a look that radiates contemporary cool, stick a pin in it. No longer reserved for your gran or that quirky friend who is the only person you know who actually looks good in top-to-toe Gucci in real life, jewelled pins have become the hottest accessory for spring.

History has no shortage of famous brooch wearers. Queen Elizabeth rules in this domain as gatekeeper of an extraordinary array of bejewelled brooches. Then there was Wallis Simpson: while she was said to have had questionable taste in decor and art, such was hardly the case with her magnificent jewels—she would never be queen but she could at least be bedecked like one. When it came to her brooches, especially, the Duchess of Windsor notably adopted a "bigger is better" approach. 

We have always included brooches into most of our collections. We love them as unique personalised accessories for any outfit.

We experimented with some bespoke styles in our Heritage collection where we married metals and stone settings together to tell a story of hope for Africa.

Moon over Africa brooch

Brooches can be worn in the hair, on the neckline and with deep v backs, pinned to the waist of a dress or gown or scattered over all styles of jackets. Worn by men or women they are even collectables for those on the vintage scene.

And, most importantly, they are shedding their reputations as being reserved for women of a certain age. "The attitude toward brooches has definitely relaxed," says jeweler Jill Heller. "They’re no longer your grandmother’s accessory." Men have been leading the pack as of late. At the 2020 Oscars, Timothée Chalamet pinned a vintage ruby and diamond Cartier to his Prada bomber, while Antonio Banderas decorated his satin lapel with diamonds.

Brooches, though, have been a staple since the Bronze Age, when they were used as a practical means for securing clothing and they have become ever more versatile over time. Brooches had evolved into staple statement pieces for everyday life.

How to wear

There are no real rules when it comes to wearing brooches. Brooches look the coolest when styled unexpectedly. We like to see them cinched on the waist of a skirt or as a closure for a sexier top. Or, put them on a white t-shirt.

We will be launching some brooches as part of our Earth Series collection. Which has a cause behind it: Our fragile earth, environmental awareness and protection of forests, rare birds, flora. 

Manta Ray brooch : Earth Series Collection

Jade Vine brooch: Earth Series

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    Nakibirango London