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  • Take on London Fashion Week “Nakibirango” style
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Take on London Fashion Week “Nakibirango” style

Take on London Fashion Week “Nakibirango” style

With London fashion week just round the corner, it's that time of the year again where the buzz and beauty of the fashion world takes centre stage and the rest of the world seems to stop.

It's also the time when your outfits get some special attention as you sift through your wardrobe in a bid to analyse your sense of style. Although your shoes, bags and jeans may get the tender loving care that they deserve, the fundamental accessory that is often overlooked is the necklace.

So why don't you show off your flair and throw on an eye-catching statement necklace over a simple dress. Forget layering on blazers, playing with hats or getting creative with scarves, your wow factor will come from around your neck.  

London Luxury jewellery brand Nakibirango, offers three signature pieces that can be worn across a range of different styles and transition from day to night seamlessly. 

The Longmu necklace is named after the ancient Chinese mythical mother of dragons, who was said to be an example of devotion and love. Made from Blue Dragon Vein agate which is also known as  'The Emotional Healer' stone, this necklace shouts out or sends the message that you value your individuality and you are confident about who you are. It works best when you keep the rest of your jewellery simple, especially your earrings. 

For a piece that combines delicate craft-work with bold style, the Sunset Necklace is perfect.  Featuring Swarovski briolettes and Botswana Agate, also known as the 'Sunset Stone', it wraps its layers of gentle pinks, brown and greys around the soul like a soft, warm blanket.  Reflecting beautifully in the light, the Sunset necklace has changed the face of jewellery with its fine craftsmanship. This stand out piece looks best when styled with an old favourite, so spice up your go-to little black dress for a fabulous way to add a trendy twist to an old classic.

If you want to reinvent your look the Cocoon necklace is the perfect accessory.

As part of the Metamorphosis range a new signature series for the

Nakibirango - London, it is inspired by The Emperor Moth story which signals a rebirth.

The moth goes on a journey of transformation inside the cocoon before it gets its wings and takes flight, and this necklace symbolises the power of jewellery to transform the wearer and takes them on a journey of rediscovery.

The Cocoon necklace is perfect for those who are nervous about pairing colour with colour, as it is available in silver, gold and rose gold plated. This fabulous necklace will give you a metallic moment that will leave you the envy of all your friends.

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    Nakibirango London